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Adventures in Humpy Cove

Our guests enjoy a variety activities while visiting Humpy Cove and staying at Orca Island Cabins. We enjoy sharing their experiences with other guests and on our social media platforms. The adventures they have create stories that are passed on … Read More

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New Yurt

#yurt Very exciting news! We are adding another yurt cabin to our property. Orca Island Cabins in Resurrection Bay, Seward Alaska is growing every year! We work hard every spring to make improvements and build on suggestions from our guests … Read More

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New Art Gallery

Alaskan Crafted Arts and Gifts; A popular meeting area at Orca Island Cabins has been the art gallery. Here guests find both prints and originals by Susan Swiderski, owner and long time Alaskan artist. Guests also find jewelry, hand painted … Read More

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Fire Ring

For those looking for romantic cabins in Alaska, consider sitting around one of the fire rings on a covered deck on a small private island in Humpy Cove Alaska. This fire ring was added last summer, to a covered viewing … Read More

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Kayak Launch

A popular addition to Orca Island Cabins is our kayak launch. Our guests simply place their kayak into the launch; step into the kayak and make needed adjustments; and then glide into the water by pulling on the side rails. … Read More

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We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came.

John F. Kennedy
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Kayaking in Humpy Cove

Humpy Cove is a wonderful place to kayak. At least 90% of our guests use the kayaks to explore the area. They come back with wonderful stories of their adventures and the sights they see. One of the favorites is … Read More

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Tidal Pools

We have had many happy guests and Dennis and I have made many new freinds. I think it is time I finally put some new photographs up for everyone to see. To start with I would like to show some … Read More

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What is a Yurt?

What is a Yurt? Yurts have been used as nomadic shelters for centuries in Central Asia. Our modern version of the yurt, adapted from a centruies-old Mongolian design, consists of a circular structure with weather tight covers, tension band and … Read More

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Whale Sighting on Evening Cruise

During an evening cruise last summer with guests form New York, we came upon this humpback whale. Although it was a cloudy and rainy day we spotted this whale in the distance traveling in our direction. Dennis was able to … Read More

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