Orca Island Art Gallery

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A recent and popular addition to Orca Island Cabins is the fine art gallery/studio of resident-owner, Susan Swiderski. The gallery exhibits an ever-changing collection of original paintings, prints, driftwood creations, one-of-a-kind hand-painted scarfs, handmade jewelry and more. Guests enjoy the opportunity to browse through the gallery at all hours during their “island time” at Orca Island Cabins looking for that very special item to remind them of their adventure in Alaska. As you travel through Alaska, you will likely find the majestic beauty of its mountains and coastlines both inspiring and humbling. It is such beauty and majesty that provides both the subject matter and inspiration for Susan’s paintings. We hope that your visit to the island gallery adds to your Alaskan experience.


Susan is a long-time Alaskan and resides in the coastal town of Seward. Susan had a passion for painting from an early age. She works in various media including watercolor, charcoal and pastel, and oil. Many of her paintings are done in the “plein air” tradition, i.e. outside among the elements, and are inspired by the dramatic seascapes and landscapes in south-central Alaska, including Humpy Cove and Resurrection Bay.
She is known for her paintings of seascapes and landscapes in and near Resurrection Bay, as well as historical buildings in and around the coastal town of Seward, Alaska.

She is currently focusing on paintings of Alaska’s indigenous people, reflecting their diversity in culture, language and tradition. Her goal is to portray contemporary Alaska natives in their journey to preserve culture and traditions in these modern times.

Susan’s paintings are found in both private and public collections, including ten oil paintings purchased by the State of Alaska for The One Per Cent For Fine Arts Program and two Alaska Contemporary Art Bank Purchase Awards.

You can explore her website or contact her after your visit to Orca Island Cabins at:

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