Guest Policies

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Guest Policies

MINIMUM STAY Although one-night reservations are accepted, we recommend a minimum stay of 2 nights. A longer stay affords you more opportunity to embrace the beauty and serenity of Orca Island and its surroundings. It should be noted that many guests who have reserved only one night on Orca Island have, upon seeing the island, its surroundings and their accommodations, expressed regret that they did not reserve additional nights.

CANCELATIONS Cancellations made 60 days or more prior to reserved date(s) will receive a full refund less $50.00 processing fee per cabin rental. Cancellations made 30 days or more (but less than 60 days) prior to reserved date(s) will receive a refund less one night’s rental per cabin. Recognizing that our guests may encounter unanticipated circumstances that may necessitate a change in their travel plans, sometimes requiring them to cancel their reservations, we suggest that vacation cancellation insurance be purchased. 

CHILDREN Due to safety issues primarily involving the rugged and steep coastline of Orca Island, slippery rocks, the elevated cabin decks and their proximity to the shoreline, and the cold ocean waters surrounding the island, only children 12 and older are permitted. It has been our experience, during our initial years of operation, that younger children found it difficult to navigate the island safely and the resulting frustration and stress on both the children and parents, who simply could not oversee their younger children throughout their stay, detracted from their overall experience. In addition, the peace and tranquility generally enjoyed by our adult guests on the island can, and has been, undermined in those situations. 

For our young guests 12 and older, Orca Island Cabins welcomes and encourages you to experience and enjoy our unique wilderness setting. Parents are requested to encourage, in children visiting the island, a demeanor consistent with the peaceful and tranquil nature of the island surroundings which is very special and much appreciated by everyone. 

Guests renting all 8 cabins on the island may bring children of any age.

PETS We do not allow pets. Our property is made up of boardwalks on rocks and cliffs, and is not a place for domesticated animals. 

WATER TAXI & DAY TRIPS Orca Island Cabins provides a private water taxi from Seward Harbor for all overnight guests. It takes approximately 1 hour to travel between Seward and Orca Island Cabins. The taxi departs Seward for the Island at 12:30pm daily for all check-ins, and it departs Orca Island at 10am on return (check-out) days. If you are planning other excursions or travel on your return day, please be cognizant of timing. If you have early departures or tours, please communicate with the staff and we will do our best to accommodate.

Because Orca Island Cabins is a remote wilderness destination, we highly encourage guests to stay on the Island and explore the immediate area during their stay. Our water taxi service is designed to take our guests to and from the island only at designated departure and pick-up times. However, special arrangements can be made to water taxi guests to other areas within Resurrection Bay or to Seward for a fee.