Hiking at Orca Island Cabins

By admin
May 6, 2019
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A short paddle away from your yurt at Orca Island Cabins is a magical hike that will bring you up and above Resurrection Bay. 

Hiking is one of our favorite things to do in Alaska. From long winding trails through valleys to steep, mountain climbs, there is always an adventure to be had on Alaska’s many trails.

Just across the cove from Orca Island Cabins, there is an old World War Two jeep trail that rewards hikers with a great view of Resurrection Bay and a look at America’s history. At the top of the trail is an old bunker, manned by soldiers during the war as they kept watch.

To get to the hike, take one of our kayaks, paddle-boards or rowing skiffs across the cove. You’ll spot a buoy marking the start to the trail. Haul your boat up onto shore and make sure it’s secure in case the tide comes in.

From there, follow the trail. The hike itself is an adventure. There are ropes to guide you along a few steep and areas pitches and a few rocky areas.