Fishing at Orca Island Cabins

By admin
July 17, 2019
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Resurrection Bay near Seward is a top saltwater fishing destination in Alaska.

Although Orca Island Cabins isn’t a fishing lodge, we do offer some basic amenities for those hoping to cast their line in Alaska waters. 

We have a selection of gear, including fishing poles, hooks and lures, for you to use while staying with us. You can cast your line from our dock or the rocks, or grab a boat and paddle out to search for a bite. Just bring your own bait and you’re ready to go!

After you catch your fish, if it looks like it will make a good dinner we have fillet stations available (or you can season and cook the fish whole!)

We mostly see bottom feeders, like rockfish, caught around Orca Island Cabins but there are salmon and some species of cod in the area as well.

And sometimes, guests get lucky! This summer we saw our first halibut landed at Orca Island Cabins. We’ve had them on the line in the past, but this time we were able to get the large fish from the rowboat to our dock. 

What will you catch during your stay at Orca Island Cabins?