Witness the Breathtaking Spectacle: The Silver Salmon Run in Seward, Alaska

By admin
July 29, 2023
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Salmon swimming up river

Seward has a long history of fishing. The development of both recreational and commercial fishing in Resurrection Bay has been a major force in shaping Seward to be what is it today. One of the most awe-inspiring events of the entire year is the Silver Salmon Run in Seward, Alaska. Every year, millions of silver salmon, also known as coho salmon, embark on an epic journey to their ancestral spawning grounds. They are one of the most abundant salmon species in Alaska, and are known for their acrobatic jumping ability.

Salmon swimming up river drawing

The lifecycle of the silver salmon is nothing short of extraordinary. Born in the freshwater rivers and streams of Alaska, these juvenile salmon spend the first phase of their lives feeding and growing before it’s time to begin their migration. Once mature, they instinctively navigate their way through the cold Alaskan waters to the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Here, they spend several years traveling thousands of miles, thriving on rich marine resources until they hear the call of their home streams.

Here in Seward, this typically begins in late July, with the peak being in mid-August. It’s an amazing time to be in Alaska, seeing hundreds of salmon fighting their way upstream so that they can spawn on the gravel beds of small creeks. There will be so many salmon swimming upstream that locals jokes you can catch one by hand. However, while this time of year is great for fishing, you should know that fishing for salmon in fresh water is illegal.

Silver Salmon caught

But fishing for them in salt water becomes quite a competition this time of year. Anglers from around the world come to Seward in August to take part in the Silver Salmon Derby. One of the oldest and largest fishing derbies in Alaska. It takes place over the span of 10 days there are over $250,000 in total prizes! This year it will take place from August 12th to the 20th. To learn more about this event, see their website.

We hope this blog post has helped you learn more about the silver salmon run in Seward, Alaska. If you are planning a trip to Seward, be sure to put fishing for silver salmon on your list of activities!