New Yurt

By admin
May 16, 2018
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Very exciting news! We are adding another yurt cabin to our property. Orca Island Cabins in Resurrection Bay, Seward Alaska is growing every year! We work hard every spring to make improvements and build on suggestions from our guests and community. This summer we will have 8 yurts on the property. Our team of builders has been working since fall and again this spring to lay the boardwalk and platform for our newest addition.  The new yurt brings continues to bring luxury accommodations to a remote setting.

Raising the actual yurt itself can be done in a day, but the foundations and platforms take weeks. Not to mention boat loads of lumber and construction supplies being transported daily. Clean up after that much building is a team effort. It is definitely a labor of love. No matter how daunting the task we will be ready for opening day!